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3 Jersey Rd Woollahra

SDN Sydney


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- /10

Description by the editorial board

Pinbone has turned into a permanent dining experience! The former pop up collective is still as fun, inventive and slightly eccentric as its former concept suggests. That’s why it still has so much success! It’s the perfect place to relax and enjoy a cool Sunday brunch, with comfort food a a nice ambiance.

And there are so many options on the menu!
A sneak peek: toasts with vegemite, peanut butter, strawberry jam or honey, fruit salad and yoghurt, bacon and egg roll with smoky bbq sauce, bacon butty with tomato or smoky bbq sauce, fregola with creamed corn and poached eggs, baked beans with spicy tomato sauce and fried eggs on toast, steak sandwich with fries, beetroot salad with cherry tomato, ricotta and baby spinach…

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