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357 Cleveland Street, Surry Hills, 2016

SDN Sydney


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Description by the editorial board

Twig Cafe (corner of Cleveland and Younf streets Redfern) is located on the premises of Garden Life, a gardening and landscape design shop. It’s a lovely place to brunch, with the sun-soaked sidewalk, the interior, the lush courtyard or the terrace! Thanks to the professional and friendly staff, you are sure to have a good time, and also important to taste delicious dishes!

For the brunch, Chef Richard Francis presents a yummy menu, with all the brunch classics. For example, some of the best egg benedict that we have ever tasted! Seasonal fruits salad, pancakes with banana and hazelnut butter, muffins, scones, and many other treats. Special mention to the “egg in the basket”: Berrima Ridge organic free range panfried in the centre of rye bread and topped spinach and feta (Dicky’s spicy tomato relish on the side). The hot chocolates are also outstanding, make sure you order one!

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